We value our patients and clients, and we appreciate the role we get to play in your pet’s health care. As our way of saying thank you, check this page for different specials that will help you save on services and products.

Whenever you see a special offer on this page, print it out or show it to us on your phone. Make sure to take note of the expiration dates, as we change our special offers from time to time.

Again, all of us at Johnston Animal Hospital want to thank you and your pets for being a loyal member of our community. We are grateful that you have chosen us as your pet’s health care provider.

Trifexis® Mail in Rebate 

$25.00 rebate on a 12-month supply of Trifexis *Best Value*

$10.00 rebate on a 6-month supply.

For more details about the rebate or to learn about heartworm, flea and intestinal parasite prevention in one convenient monthly tablet visit trifexis.com/vetrebate

Bravecto® Mail in Rebate 

$35.00 rebate on 4 doses (1 year supply) of Bravecto *Best Value*

$15 rebate on 2 doses (6 months supply)

Interceptor Plus® Mail in Rebate 

Purchase a 12 pack of Interceptor Plus and receive $15 through a mail in rebate. *Best Value*

Purchase a 6 pack of Interceptor Plus and receive $5 through a mail in rebate.

Helpful suggestions for additional cost savings:

Prescription Savings: Request to purchase prescription medications for chronic (long term) health issues in 90-day doses rather than 30-day doses. On average, you can expect to save $15.00 or more per refill!

Pet Food Savings: Purchase Purina Veterinary Diets for your pets’ chronic health issues in the largest available bag. At home Purina Veterinary Diet dry food formulas can be separated into freezer bags and stored in the freezer for freshness until you need them. On average, you will save about 0.60 per pound when you purchase the largest available bag of food. On a 32-lb bag of dog food, that’s over $19.00 in savings!

Purina often offers coupons for instant savings or rebates on certain diets and supplements. To find out what their current offers are, visit https://www.proplanveterinarydiets.com/coupons/