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New At Johnston Animal Hospital!

Dr. Ward and Miss HenChickens

Due to increased requests and interest, Dr. Ward is now seeing chickens during regular hours by appointment.  Give us a call for an appointment if you are:

  • interested in a consultation to learn about proper care and nutrition for chickens
  • in need of regular wellness care
  • or if your feathered friend is under the weather

Dr. Ward began caring for chickens in 1984 with his hometown 4-H group.  Later, he learned about chickens in vet school at NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  Nowadays he and his family enjoy caring for their small flock of chickens at home.  Occasionally, you’ll find Dr. Ward giving his Chicken Chatter talk around town.  He’s got lots of expertise and enjoys sharing it with others!


Digital Dental Radiography

Crisp, clear, detailed images of your pets teeth above and below the gum line!  Digital dental radiography is now used as a regular part of the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of your pet’s oral health.  According to our friends at the American Animal Hospital Association, “Poor oral hygiene affects more than just the mouth; infection in the mouth enters the bloodstream and often causes early kidney disease, and it can even damage heart valves.”  We want to help you keep your pet happy and healthy; complete oral care is a part of how we do just that.  Basic dental evaluations are always part of Dr. Ward’s regular wellness exams for dogs and cats.  Feel free to ask him or one of our highly-trained, compassionate Registered Veterinary Technicians about our complete dental care guidelines.

Laser Surgery

Less pain, less bleeding, lower risk of infection and shorter hospital stays are just a few of the benefits of laser surgery.  Dr. Ward and our team have been trained to perform CO2 laser surgery.  It is now our standard method for routine spay and neuter procedures as well as cat de-claw procedures.  We invite you to call for a consultation about the benefits of laser surgery for your pet.


Welcome to Johnston Animal Hospital. We are a family-run veterinary hospital that offers wellness and sick care, dentistry, surgery, vaccinations, boarding and dietary products. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for your pets in a friendly and professional environment.

Dr. Ward and his team are committed to promoting preventative health care and client education to help your animals live long, healthy lives. It is a pleasure and a privilege to care for your pets. We will make every effort to ensure a positive experience for you at our hospital through our atmosphere of compassion, kindness and integrity.